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Movie Screening: "Good People People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven"

  • When: Sunday, March 01, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
  • Indywood Theater, 630 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA view map

Special Screening, followed by a Q & A with Director Holly Hardman, Fari Nzinga (NOMA), John Barry (RestoreLouisianaNow), Moderated by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jed Horne

Along the Gulf Coast’s devastated landscape, an itinerant cross-carrier named Lance preaches evangelical Christian doctrine. To Lance and like-minded Christians, natural disasters and societal ills are signs of the End Times and apocalyptic Bible prophecy coming true. This literal interpretation of the Bible promises glorious escape through the Rapture. As Lance sees it, Jesus will return to 'rapture the faithful,' to actually lift true believers into heavenly skies, while the rest of humanity is left behind to suffer the wrath of an angry God.

Fellow born-again Christian Mitsi, a choir leader in coastal Cameron Parish, speaks enthusiastically about her certainty that she will be raptured by Jesus, as she endeavors to raise five sons in fundamentalist Christian harmony. Yet not all Mitsi’s children share her conservative Christian beliefs, and a darker story emerges. The film tellingly captures both the triumphs and the heart-wrenching conflicts that ensue as a result of divergent religious, social and cultural points of view.

Threads of evangelical doctrine and practice shared by believers akin to Mitsi and Lance are woven throughout the film. In New Orleans and its surrounding parishes on Louisiana’s coast and northward along the Mississippi River, Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven enters small churches and multi-campus mega churches, observes backwoods tent revivals and massive urban outreach rallies in its pursuit of an authentic portrayal of Christian Rapture culture. The result is a film of stunning candor and fresh insight into the complex and controversial world of Christian evangelical belief.

Buy tickets at the door or by clicking here.


Last Supper Dinner Club - 1st Wednesday in March

  • When: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 @ 6:00 pm
  • New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Company, 4141 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, view map

After all of the richness of Mardi Gras, it's time to get back to the basics. And what's more basic than burgers and fries, right?

As a courtesy to the other guests and the restaurant, if you find out that you will not be attending even as late as the afternoon of the dinner, please update your RSVP, so we will be as close to the actual number as possible. Thanks for your cooperation! 


Total Eclipse of the Heart and Mind By John Patrick Lestrade, Ph.D.

During our January meeting for NOSHA,  member John Patrick Lestrade, Ph.D., did a reading that we'd like to share for everyone who couldn't attend that day.

Please enjoy!

We all know that there are basically two types of eclipses: The lunar eclipse, when the Moon is behind the Earth and slips into the Earth’s dark shadow, and the better known solar eclipse, when the Moon blocks the Sun from our view. I thought that you might enjoy an intellectual gem for each of these celestial events.

Lunar Eclipses and the Heart. (We’re talking about real romance here, so you will want to take notes.)
Some of you may have never experienced a lunar eclipse. During this event, when the Moon finds itself in presumably total blackness behind the Earth, the Moon can still be visible to us. It shines with a deep red color. The first question is “Why is there light shining on it?” 

This is the Earth (holding up a grapefruit), I am the Sun, and the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow. This side of the Earth is in daylight. This side is experiencing night. Everyone along this boundary is seeing sunrise while those on the opposite boundary experience sunset. If the Earth had no atmosphere, there would be a sharply delineated column of darkness forming the Earth’s shadow. But our atmosphere along these two boundaries bends the light so that some of it strikes the Moon and bounces back to us. Now why is the light reddened? Our skies are blue, which means that as light passes through our atmosphere the short, bluish, wavelengths are removed from the beam and scattered in all directions. The light rays that remain in the beam are made up of longer wavelengths and look reddish. So, when you are with someone you love, watching a dark, red lunar eclipse, impress them by saying that the light you are seeing is the light from ALL the sunrises and ALL the sunsets happening on Earth at that very moment.

Solar Eclipses and the Mind
You may have noticed that the Sun and the Moon appear to be the same size in the sky. Of course, the Sun is much larger than the Moon - almost a million miles wide for the Sun versus only 2,000+ miles across for the Moon. But the Sun doesn’t appear larger because it is much farther away. What’s interesting is that although the Sun is about 400 times wider than the Moon, it is also 400 times farther away. Thus both appear to be the same size!

So, during a Solar eclipse, when the Moon blocks out the Sun for the lucky few in the path of totality, the lunar and solar disks match up almost exactly. This leads to especially beautiful solar eclipses, where the Moon blocks the bright disk of the Sun but leaves the outer, very hot corona visible. Sometimes there are beads of sunlight that filter through the mountains on the lunar perimeter.

So think about this: Is the fact that our Moon is just the right size and distance from us a coincidence or can it have a deeper meaning for us? Remember that the Moon causes tides on the Earth. Evolutionary biologists will tell you the importance of tides and tidal pools in our evolution. So perhaps it is not just a coincidence that we have a Moon of the right size and distance relative to our star. Perhaps without it we wouldn't be here to enjoy these celestial displays.

Looking for a crack team of newsletter volunteers!

The Board of Directors would like to bring back our quarterly newsletter, so we're asking for volunteers who might be able to do this as a service to NOSHA.

We're happy to report that we have at least one person who is willing to work on content, which can be the most daunting task when creating pages as anyone who has ever done a newsletter can often attest! So, we really need a volunteer who can use a graphics program and has the basic skills to develop it.

If you would like to know more or can give a sample of a newsletter (or similar product) that you've produced before, please send an email to and we'll help get this started! Thanks in advance for your interest!

BOOK REVIEW - Grandiose Delusion: Mike Huckabee’s God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy

I admit I had multiple prejudices before I even opened this book, based solely on the author and title. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t read a book by Mike Huckabee, one-time governor of Arkansas, Fox News bloviator, wannabe presidential candidate, and Baptist minister. Nor would I usually read a book with a title like God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. But Huckabee is a notable public figure and has been a best-selling author before, so I decided to give it a try. At least I didn't pay for a copy, checking one out instead from the public library.

By page seven, I knew finishing the book was going to be difficult. It’s not as bad as reading Ann Coulter, which is like listening to fingernails screech across a chalkboard, but Huckabee’s book is vapid and banal. One would think that someone who has held high public office before and wants to hold higher public office in the future would show some depth of understanding of the issues he raises, would demonstrate an awareness of the interests of the various parties to a debate, and would at least sometimes offer a way forward through the controversy. Huckabee provides none of that here relying instead on empty platitudes and vague superficialities. Baldly theocratic, he feels no need to dig further than the Bible to resolve any dispute. “I believe we live in a God-centered world,” he writes, “and that all the definitions of success, fulfillment, morality, value, family, and life are His to give and ours to follow. They provide a roadmap for us. They also are immutable, meaning unchangeable” (p. 79).

In this book Huckabee describes Americaas divided into two major groups which he labels “Bubble” and “Bubba.” The Bubbles are modern and left-leaning, living in the urban areas of both coasts, best exemplified by the cultures of New York, Los Angeles, and D.C. Bubbas, on the other hand, are traditional, salt-of-the earth Americans who live in less urban areas and value faith and family. The Bubbas are oppressed by intolerant Bubbles, as exemplified by controversies such as those surrounding Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and Duck Dynast patriarch Phil Robertson. In each of these, God-fearing Bubbas were “angrily shouted down as ‘haters’ simply because they held to biblical standards on issues like marriage and the sanctity of life.”

...continue reading

Jesus & Mo


A resurrection from 2008 today. Currently in Copenhagen, where they’ve been having a bit of trouble with people who think they really do know the truth.

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18 February 2015 | 10:15 am

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